In spiritual circles there is a belief that within us all, there exists both male and female energies.  Obviously our physicality comprises one or the other but at our essence we are a mix of the two.  Our inner male is the DOER.  Our inner female is our BEINGNESS.  Our inner male goes out and experiences the world and our female processes these experiences and feels the results.  He can either bring her experiences that she likes, that nourish her and add to her wellness or experiences that she dislikes that deplete her and detract from her wellness.

For example; it’s the weekend and my garden needs mowing and weeding.  I am full of energy and decide to launch into this project.  My inner male is the one who is DOING the work.  When the gardening is done my inner female appreciates the feeling that this creates as the garden is now radiating beauty, calm and a reflective place to just BE. My inner female sits in the garden and soaks up the benefits of this tranquil, flowing environment. This fills the energy reserves. “Ah, thank you for doing this work inner male.” On the flip side of this my male may have become overly zealous in his efforts and as well as mowing and weeding, decides to add numerous other tasks to the day, depleting the energy reserves.  “Wow, I am soooo tired now, can’t be bothered sitting out here. Spent. No energy left to even appreciate this!”  There is a need to find balance between the two. Time to enjoy the physicality of the work, but not to the detriment of providing time to enjoy the benefits.  Can he pull back just a little and allow her time to sit in the garden at the end and just soak up the results of his work.

It’s like there is an energy piggy bank.  By adding coins from time in her BEINGNESS, he will have far more energy to spend on his DOING whenever it’s required?  So stock up on the Beingness.  Time in nature, meditation and yoga, massages, soaking in the bath, listening to music and just being still. In the example in the garden, the original intention was beautiful; to create a place to enjoy and relax, but if he isn’t mindful of the credits in the energy bank, then he will bankrupt her for the day…..and maybe the following day….. quite the opposite of the original intention. Dis-ease, anxiety and stress will result when this delicate balance is ignored.  Most of us don’t even know that it exists.

The key to finding the balance is to send HIS energy towards what SHE loves. If you are able to feel for what ignites HER passions move towards that. If SHE loves him riding the bike, swimming, planting flowers, cross stitch, wood work, breeding sheep or bungey jumping then ask HIM to do that.  It is filling HER with deep gratitude and an abundance of energy, but take time to notice and sit in the feeling that these activities bring to HER and get to know HIS limits.  Be meditative and appreciative. It’s like an amazing inner love affair.

“Oh, you value me enough to do that for me,” says the inner female to her male “I will provide you with so much MORE energy and zest for life, in appreciation.