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So why would you go on a spiritual retreat?  Have you ever considered it?  What are they about?  Perhaps you would need to look at any of you ideas or expectations and be open to explore what was actually on offer.  There could be so many reasons to go and explore a spiritual / meditation retreat.  eg.
I have always had a feeling that there is more to being human than our physical selves
What is life really all about?  What are we doing here on earth?
I feel really unhappy and I am not sure how to change these feelings to something better.
I love the idea of being more deeply connected to people. Can I lear how to do that?
How do I find what my natural gifts are, or what my life calling is?
I have heard that I can live more in a state of love by doing meditation. Is that true?
What IS consciousness really?  What is mindfulness?

If any of these questions sit strongly within you, there is a very strong possibility that you are interested and ready to start exploring the deeper aspects of yourself.  Your soul self.  Sometimes there is just a knowing that you are seeking.  No even knowing what you are seeking.

Like all things the different spiritual retreats can differ enormously. What is it that you are seeking?  Just dipping a toe in the water to see what is on offer, or are you after a particular teaching or teacher?  What are you prepared to pay for a retreat?  The cost for a weekend retreat can vary tremendously.  From a couple of hundred dollars to several hundred. What is being provided in the way of accommodation and food.  Ensure that you are aware of all of the parameters.

As some-one who has been on the spiritual path for many years now and experienced a number of different styles and teachers, I would offer you the following.  Who is doing the teaching and what is their level of consciousness? Is your teacher one who is dedicated to the spiritual life and has consistent practices in relation to what they are teaching?  There is a particular benefit from sitting with a teacher who is aligned with the energies of love, discipline and willingness.  You will feel that they are authentic and that they are teaching something that they have either Mastered or are well on the way to Mastering. There is a thirst to drink from their well of knowledge.  You will feel their integrity and their genuine interest to further your journey into higher levels of consciousness.

I can recommend one such teacher. Steve Tibbits.  He offers regular retreats each year at very affordable prices in the beautiful Wildwood Retreat down in the Otways. Steve is a gifted psychotherapist with over 10 years of practice, a meditation teacher, and spiritual healer. For further information please visit his website