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How can Soul Focused Psychotherapy help me?

Learn to:

  • empower yourself in challenging situations (move from feelings of blame, lack and victim to empowerment and acceptance)
  • learn new communication skills to improve all your relationships
  • connect more deeply with your true-life purpose
  • learn to find personal growth in your challenges rather than pain
  • recognise your patterns of behaviour that contribute to your suffering and learn how to implement new healthier behaviours in their place

What is Soul Focused Psychotherapy?

Soul Focused Psychotherapy differs to Counselling in a couple of ways.  After the initial discussion about your issues, Pam invites you to close your eyes if you feel comfortable to do so; this allows the normal conscious faculties to relax and allows the powerful subconscious self to start to be accessed.  The subconscious holds the key to many of our sabotaging behaviours and can remain untapped in normal counselling sessions. We slow the talking down to a gentle pace. This allows you to find answers that are often out of reach with normal counselling therapy. It can access your deepest feelings and subconscious beliefs. Soul Focused Psychotherapy can be deeply transformative and have long lasting results.

Soul Focused Psychotherapy recognises the range of emotions that we feel.

Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger, Pride, Courage, Neutral, Willingness, Acceptance, Reason, Love, Joy.

Learning about these emotions and how they operate can radically change your life. You start to understand how your mind can sabotage or enhance each and every experience of your life. You start to ‘watch’ your behaviour and learn how to choose your feelings and behaviours rather than acting in a predictable pre-programmed manner than creates anxiety. Can you imagine facing some-one who is blaming you for something and you feel a vastly lessened reaction, or no longer feel a negative emotional reaction.  You don’t default to justifying your position or deflecting blame back to the recipient, or name calling etc. You start to choose your response. This is the power of Soul Focused Psychotherapy.

A decision to seek a counselling / psychotherapy session is usually initiated by an uncomfortable life situation. Perhaps you regularly feel tense, angry, sad, anxious or disappointed. Soul Focused Psychotherapy allows a safe, non-judgemental exploration of the part of you that feels unhappy. It promotes a deeper self-understanding of your feelings and thoughts, so that next time these feelings/thoughts arise you develop the awareness and the skills to move towards a more empowered behaviour. (instead of reacting with anger, you manage to stay neutral) You start to shift from ‘personalising’ situations to an impartial experiencing of situations.

Communication difficulties are generally at the core of most stressors. This may include your partner, boss, children, friends or family. There are many common themes here. You may feel that you are not appreciated or valued, you may be on the other end of blame, or be involved in angry exchanges.  You may feel you are shouldering more of the household responsibilities, being bullied verbally or physically, or not being respected. There can be a sense of overwhelm, withdrawal, confusion, anger or multiple combinations of these negative feelings. A sense of helplessness can arise.  Any attempt at conversation seems to end in anger, sadness or frustration.  Sound familiar?

Often, you will be completely unaware that you have behaviours that contribute to your problems, prior to having a session. Finding these behaviours can be a relief and open the door to a vastly improved way of living and relating with others. Flow on effects from this therapy may include a more relaxed and appreciative view of life, better sleep and improved communication with those close to you. Instead of chewing over hurts and limiting beliefs, energy can be directed into enjoying life and seeing it as a range of learning opportunities and new experiences. (Challenges to help you grow as a person, rather than negative experiences that hurt you.) You may feel an increase in energy as a result of a shift in perspective from negative to positive.

How long does it take to make progress with your issues? That depends on many factors.  Sometimes it may take you one session, but if the issue is complex or long running it may require a number of sessions.  My aim is to have you back to a happier life as quickly as possible.

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Clients’ Testimonials

Pam is a gentle, nurturing soul who really listens and allows space for your inner wisdom to rise to the surface. I came to see her because I was feeling stuck, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am so glad I did! Her treatment space is warm, welcoming and calm. Through her gentle guidance and support I was able to release old emotions and beliefs that had been the reason for my stagnation. What a life changing experience! I heard my inner voice. Through Pam, I found the permission I was seeking from myself to move forward to a life I love living. I am so grateful to Pam and so pleased that she is out there for others that need some guidance. She is a beautiful person with a very kind and loving heart.


I have just finished my session with Pam and WOW! It was truly amazing. Pam taught me to sit with my emotions and really FEEL THEM, little did I know how healing that can be. Pam helped me move from a cold dark place into a light, releasing, clear minded accepting happy place. Pam you’re amazing and I could not have done it without you. Thankyou


Dear Pam, I’m just wanting too thank you for our sessions that we had. I came too you feeling extremely anxious and felt as though I was struggling in day too day life. I started noticing a difference within myself after our second session. You helped me address issues in my life that I thought I could never move forward with. As each week went by, doing the work I felt a lot more relaxed, confident and proud of myself, feeling all of this also had a flow in effect on my sleep, relationships as well as my family. I’m so happy that I took the plunge too come and see you. I have tried numerous things over the last 3 year ( therapy, massage, yoga, nutrition, reiki, given up caffeine and alcohol) I felt like these things have helped short term but not in the way you did. I feel like the sessions have been long lasting and I would highly recommend you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.