Personal Development

& Meditation Evenings

What are the potential benefits of these evenings?

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve sleep
  • improve concentration
  • explore your inner (or spiritual self)
  • learn to live in love and joy
  • understand parts of your personality in more depth
  • reveal your natural gifts
  • develop your intuitive capabilities
  • learn to be more self-empowered and less reactive
  • take responsibility for all your thoughts, words and actions
  • learn more effective means of communication
  • create your ideal life
  • live life with more gratitude
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Pam’s classes have a strong focus on mindfulness. This means that throughout the different activities you will be encouraged to gently observe your thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness starts to expose previously unknown layers within yourself. Seeing and understanding these layers can be liberating and enhance your experience of life by reducing stress and anxiety.

Meditation is a deeply regenerative and healing practice. The evening is a mix of meditations, spiritual enquiry and personal development. If you develop a regular meditation practice you become far more capable of holding a consistent, positive outlook on life and see ‘interesting challenges’ arise in life, rather than ‘problems.’

Beginners are welcome. You won’t be required to sit on the floor.

Pam has had a daily meditation practise for eight years and has a Diploma in Meditation and Mindfulness.

What sort of things will we do?

Generally, we start with a fun warm up activity to let go of the day and our busy minds. Then we may explore a theme like love, grief, joy, courage, anger and how these feelings are experienced and expressed in our lives. This may involve discussion and/ or meditations.


6.30 – 7.45 on a Thursday night during school terms. All are welcome. Just call or text Pam to confirm your initial attendance.




44 Highmont Dve, Belmont. The studio.

What to bring

Willingness to explore your life and the bigger questions about the nature of life.

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What They’re Saying

Attending Pam’s meditation classes have been one of the best decisions I have made. For a number of years I suffered from chronic anxiety and panic attacks due to a situation I felt trapped in. I came to a point where my physical health had so deteriorated from the anxiety that I had no choice but to make some courageous changes in my life. I have been on quite a journey since then. I met Pam through a recommendation about a year ago. Through Pam’s classes I have come to understand more about mindfulness and the benefits of meditation realising how necessary meditation is for our health and wellbeing. I am hooked! Through these classes I have learnt to find a ‘stillness’ within. I have learnt how to meditate so that I can grow in understanding on aspects of our lives, our relationships both personally and professionally and how to remain calm through the many situations that arise daily. I suppose the best thing of all is to learn how to love oneself and enjoy a feeling of peace and fulfilment through mindfulness.

Pam’s classes bring something different every session. I enjoy the variety of topics she prepares. There is an energy in the room as Pam inspires us to continue on our search to reach the higher levels of consciousness.


his is the first time for me joining a meditation class, although very nervous I was made to feel welcome and at ease. I have found it very relaxing and informative regards feelings and ideas, encouraged to think about how we feel and react to events happening in our lives and encouraged to meditate during our working day. How to handle negative thoughts has been a positive for me.


Meditation classes with Pam, are helping me with my health and life issues.