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If you listen to the news broadcasts each day, you will hear about wars, gangs, epic weather events, violent deaths, domestic violence, hold ups, political upheaval. It’s interesting that these events are still being viewed by us, the public as news worthy? These happenings place the spotlight on negativity.  I don’t know about you, but it’s tempting to hear it and feel that the world is a very dark place.  My clients will often comment on the ‘poor state of the world.‘  I feel that the media’s spotlight on negativity creates a very magnified or distorted view of our world.

I prefer to keep my focus on positivity. That doesn’t mean that I put my head in the sand and pretend that negative events aren’t happening, but I don’t give them much time in my head. I don’t see the world as full of people who want to take advantage of me or harm me in some way. I cannot change how other people chose to experience the world.  That is purely and solely up to them.  The only person that I have any responsibility for is ME! I get to decide how to interact with others and I am going to do my best to demonstrate a life of positivity and thankfulness. Maybe it will inspire some-one else.  Imagine that.

‘Be the change you want to see’

In my daily world in know that I am surrounded by a bunch of good people.  My family are good people. I have beautiful friends, lovely neighbours and a generous community. I know this from personal experience.  This is what fills my every day. The clients who walk through my door are by and large, good people.  The people I pass on the walking track each day, smile and say hello. The people in my local shops take time to interact and engage. In my experience this collection of people are interested in assisting one another and being harmonious.  If a challenging life event comings knocking on my door, (of ‘media proportions’) I will work with what comes.  If I can assist others who are experiencing big challenges via donation of time and money and that feels appropriate, I will do that, otherwise I keep my focus on my own local sphere of influence. OK, so here are a couple of simple things to create global change.

Smiling. If you are out and about, feel for some-one who needs one of your smiles.  You will spot them.  The ones that are listening too intently to the news broadcasts or who are temporarily lost in their own life challenges.  They will be looking down at the ground and frowning.  If they feel you coming and look up, give ‘em a burst of your inner sunshine and see what happens.  Generally they will smile back, because smiles are contagious. And then that just creates more sunshine inside of you.  More to offer the next one who comes along all frowny……

Acknowledge our elderly. Did you know that the elderly often report that they feel invisible.  People don’t give them eye contact or acknowledge them much. If you see some-one elderly who is struggling with their shopping or finding it hard to physically do something, you could offer them assistance. It’s a two way deal.  They will feel good and so do you. If they say, ‘thanks for thinking of me, I’m OK.’  The lovely thing here, is that some-one gave them a thought of kindness.

Focus your speech on the positive. Have you spent time with some-one who loves to tell you about everything that is wrong?  Their poor health, the hopeless government, their family disputes, the neighbors dangerous dog, poorly maintained roads?  How do you feel at the end of the exchange?  A bit drained or exhausted? Be mindful of what you chose to share with others.  Positive information is uplifting, inspiring and energy enhancing?  If you are telling your circle of contacts about ‘poor me’  or ‘life sucks,’ you are being an energy drain.  Both for yourself and others. Find the positive.  It’s there is you look.  We live in a blessed country. Share what you find inspiring in another. If you do it with integrity and honesty you may be the catalyst for launching a new positive awareness for them.

Become the bearer of good news and celebrate our amazing world with others.  The one filled with good people and simple acts of everyday kindness. Have a lovely day out there!