Is your experience of life fulfilling? Or are you struggling with stress and anxiety? If you are feeling frustrated, stuck, sad or angry, then call Pam to start the process towards a happier you, today. Find assistance with anxiety, stress, weight issues, bullying, relationship difficulties, grief, death and dying, eating disorders, addictions, anger, guilt, blaming, sadness, depression, health problems, self-esteem and many other challenging life issues. Pam has been assisting people with Counselling since 2014.

What happens during a Counselling Session?

The session begins with the reason for your visit and what you are aiming to achieve by the session’s end. You are able to talk about your life issues in a free flowing, non-judgemental space for as long as you need. The opportunity to talk about your issues in this environment can start to shift negative feelings from the outset of the session.

Pam provides a safe, welcoming space where you feel nurtured and heard. There is no right and wrong during therapy as all feelings and thoughts are your current reality and may be explored for your growth. There is a collaborative approach in Pam’s sessions as we work towards your goals.

Some of the techniques employed include: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative and Gestalt Therapy and Person-centred Therapy. The different names of the techniques may not mean anything to you, but essentially Pam is able to draw on multiple techniques to assist you towards a happier life.

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