For most of us the word conscious will evoke a type of medical context. Some-one who is conscious has their faculties of thought, verbalisation and movement intact. They are orientated in time and space.  Conscious within a spiritual context is a very different type of word however. Those who are becoming more conscious within a spiritual framework have become aware of themselves in a very different manner. This type of consciousness is on the road to dropping stress and anxiety and entering the flow of life with acceptance, joy  and willingness.  Life events are no longer labelled as good and bad, horrible and nice. Perhaps you are thinking that this way of being is only for yogis, monks, cave dwelling ascetics and saints. Definitely not. This is available for anyone who decides to search for it with earnest intent and discipline.

So what do I mean by conscious within this discussion and why is it so important? Normally in life an event transpires and when it comes towards us, we have a reaction to that event.  It’s often a knee jerk reaction. I have had a win in Tattslotto = fabulous! I fell over and broke my leg = terrible.  I have been given a pay rise = wonderful. My dog was hit by a car and died = sad.  A person who is becoming more conscious will see the life events arising and decide how they wish to respond to the event rather than operating from a life time of programmed reactions handed down from our biological family, school and peers. Generally we do not even realise that our behaviour is so unconscious, so on automatic pilot. We are unaware that there are different alternatives to the manner in which we are behaving. When starting out on the path towards this different way of operating, or different consciousness, there is knowledge that we have a choice as to how we can behave.   Events that we would normally label as unsavoury or unfavourable can now become opportunities.

Imagine that you have broken your leg.  “What rotten luck, why does that have to happen to me?”  Isn’t that what our standard reaction would be? Is that thinking going to be favourable for our recovery and good for our mental health? No.  Can you imagine suddenly becoming aware that there is an alternative that can be a complete shift from the normal public perception or ‘mass consciousness’ view point?  How about this? “Wow, I have broken my leg.  I am going to need to rest for a while now. I have been feeling pretty tired lately, so this is a great time for me to finally rejuvenate.  I am going to use this time to re-evaluate my world and see what is working well for me and what I may change. Perhaps I could even have a go at ……. (drawing, writing, meditating, knitting, flute playing etc) that thing I have always wanted to try but never made time for.” There is now an awareness that one’s perception of the event can be altered to a more life affirming view.  We don’t need to assign ourselves to a negative stance or place ourselves into the role of a victim.  We start to look for the learning in every situation and assess what is still available to us.  “Look what I still have, look what I can still do,” could be the catch cry of this new way of being.

One of the critical elements to developing this new level of consciousness becomes a pause. As a life event comes zinging towards you take a breath and see what it is. Don’t automatically label it, wrestle with it, loathe it or reject it.  Wait………. wait…………wait……. How am I going to be with this life event just served up to me? Annoyed, critical, angry, sad or intrigued, interested, engaged, fascinated.  Challenged is also OK.  It often takes Courage to alter a long held way of being. OK, what is my initial knee jerk reaction? Annoyed!  That was the old way.  How can I be this time, in this situation?  Interested in my options.  Are there any opportunities for me to work with the parameters of this event, or is it simply my attitude that provides me with any choice? What will I consciously choose for myself? Choosing to loathe an event draws us towards suffering.  Choosing to embrace it, draws us towards empowerment and growth. Start with the PAUSE.

‘Oh, look what has just happened!’ PAUSE……… Now I get to choose how I feel about life. How liberating is that!  Your consciousness is beginning to wake up. To raise up.