You are so amazing! Yes you. Talented and beautiful. Those words could send you to so many places.  Are you sitting there nodding in agreement or thinking of all the reasons why that couldn’t possibly be you?  What do those words mean for you any way? Amazing.  Talented.  Beautiful.  You will have a whole package of stories in your head, around each of those words. Talented. Do you go through your repertoire of things that you deem yourself to be ‘good at’ and then compare yourself to another to see who does it ‘better?” Beautiful. Are you immediately thinking about your physical attributes, or are you focusing on your personality qualities (ie kindness, compassion etc) How are you shaping up?

You ARE amazing. You are a unique package of the most wonderful attributes, talents and gifts.  We all are, if we allow ourselves to be our wonderful natural selves. You came into the world a winner.  First prize. Your parents donated 1 egg and 1 sperm and kapow, out of the infinite possibilities that those particular DNA packages could evoke, came wonderful  unique YOU. We aren’t very good at owning our wonderfulness because we are taught very early on, that it’s not nice to brag.  There is a truth in there, but in our haste to teach that lesson to our children, we seem to have squashed the capacity to own our wonderful qualities.

OK, so I’m going to give it a fly. Can I just loosen up a little bit, give myself permission to celebrate myself, including some of my quirky parts and just own being wonderful me. Lets see, how about I find a couple of physical attributes that I can celebrate, a couple of personality traits and a couple of skills.  Are you with me? I have bright sparkly blue eyes that delight in conveying mischief and thick, healthy hair that is now an interesting mix of brown and silver;  an off beat sense of humour that delights in easy laughter and a capacity to listen really well to another person. (Ooooh, I can feel some resistance inside me to doing this exercise……Will I publish my blog this week?……Am I allowed to tell people that I am wonderful……OK I will keep going……..) I have been gifted a level of talent with creative writing and I love birthing the stories that come to me from the creative source.  I can bring you a song from my heart that holds the key and can move others. Am I boastful and proud or am I simply owning my wonderful self? How did you go? Busy listing your qualities or finding it a challenge?

Can you ask friends and family about the parts of you they find wonderful? In all probability they will find the same or similiar attributes to pass on to you.  Others see them easily when we can be blind. Often these attributes are inspiring and endearing to the ones you love. If I cast my mind to my friends I can see so many different qualities.  Some are generous others are kind, some have particular gifts for art or singing. Some embody compassion, others have wisdom. One has the capacity to see the beauty in all they meet. What happens inside of us when we meet these qualities.  Well for me they are inspiring. I feel a type of reverence for their gift. I know that if they can be that quality, then I can too with a willingness to watch and learn. Sometimes we are even seeing our own qualities reflected back to us in another.

Eventually you can work towards celebrating your entire self rather than just parts….parts are a good start though…… Who will you inspire today with your wonderfulness.  Own it. Live it and love it.  Acknowledge the wonderfulness that you experience in others too.  Imagine the world we would live in if we were to do that.  Rather than waiting for a funeral to express the virtues of a loved one, do it every day! Tell them. “Gee your generosity to others inspires me.  Thank you for being that in my world.”

Psst, you are wonderful. Yes, you!