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Apathy……. Anyone got any apathy out there? If you were true to this cause then you couldn’t really be bothered checking. It’s all too hard………. it’s a tired energy…….  One of the favourite expressions of apathy is, “I can’t…. I can’t…. I can’t do it.”  It’s great at keeping us small…… Listless energy.  Sighs. Let’s have some sighs. I believe that we borrow the energy of apathy. It’s not our true state; our essence.  There are only PARTS of you that borrow these emotions. It’s a stale and stagnant energy. When we can start to learn the tricks of the lower levels of consciousness they start to lose their power, then it’s a matter of how much willingness we have, to shift out of those emotions and choose higher ones.

Feel for some life situation you have with an I can’t story attached to it. You know the one.  It’s generally one about how you could never move towards your highest potential….. Could never be an artist, don’t have what it takes to apply for the job you really want, or you couldn’t ask THAT girl out. Truth is you WON’T do it. In most cases there is a choice.  I can’t is simply a mental / emotional block.  Can we own that we won’t do it.  Next time you hear I can’t do it come out of your mouth check in to see if that is a truth.  An absolute truth rather than a cheap lie.  eg. I can’t go for a bike ride today, it’s too cold…… I can’t.  Well actually, I am CHOOSING not to ride my bike today …… If I were to say that I can’t be a physicist, there is a level of truth in that.  I do not have the mental capacity that provides a ready understanding of Maths and Physics.  Usually however, the I can’t story is just that. A story.

Sometimes we don’t even attempt to have a go at a new project because of apathy.  It’s brilliant at stifling our hopes and dreams.  What would happen if you did have a go, just let go of the poor sorry, whiney little voice in your head called the victim, that will reliably inform you that you are too pathetic, too old, too under qualified, too stupid, too broke, too slow, too unattractive…blah, blah, blah. What would happen if you had a go? There are so many possibilities. You could be incredibly surprised that on some level you CAN! Or you may have made an attempt at something and quickly labeled your efforts as a failure.  In all probability you are comparing yourself to some-one who is very adept at your designated task (having practised it for years….) and this becomes evidence that you have failed!

Lets have a look at an example. You have want to learn how to be a public speaker because it will enhance your ability to move towards the employment of your dreams but you CAN’T.  You have chosen to believe this and there is always very good evidence in your inner world for this story.  And the story may have numerous threads. ie. I made a fool of myself in school once and everyone laughed. I have a slight stutter when I get nervous.  I go blank when I face people.  I get panic attacks when people look at me.  I am not funny and I would need to be funny……. and on and on. So if you were to get real, you would say, ‘I have a choice, I won’t attempt to be a public speaker because I have many fears in place and they seem real.‘

Life can feel risky.  Do I step out of my comfort zone and have a go, or do I simply stay small and keep nice and safe and not have a shot at realising my highest potential, living my dreams and being fully productive in the world. OR, do I say, I am feeling quite a bit of fear around this idea but I am going to have a go. At the very least I will learn things about myself and others. I am going to see a therapist to work with that negative experience from my school years, then I am going to enrol in a public speaking course. This is Courage. You have simply opened up to an experience.   Everyone is a beginner to start with.  Every Olympian had to have their first race, swim, hurdle, javelin throw etc.  Every public speaker had to deliver their first story / address etc.  What happened after that first experience? Well, here’s the key.  The successful ones used the experience and grew from it.  Parts of the talk felt good, parts needed work.  They may seek out professional speakers and get tips, read books, watch DVD’s.  The main thing they did was keep going.  Practicing. What have I just learnt?  How do I utilise this to do it better next time? Or, I slink off into a corner after the fist attempts, comparing myself to others who are more competent and deem myself hopeless.  I am pathetic. Sigh…. No point in trying……

What will you choose?  The pain of sitting in apathy and deciding that ‘I can’t’ (I WON’T) is often far more crippling that getting out and having a go. Having a go can become quite compelling.  It’s alive and bright and invigorating. You meet great people, form new relationships, grow and shine.  In Joy the day.