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Pam has been assisting people in the Geelong region for the past twelve years. She was originally helping people to find healing through Reflexology and Indian Head Massage, but it quickly became apparent that most clients were finding challenges on emotional and mental levels as well as physical. There was a strong impetus to discover the best way to assist people through their life challenges at a deeper level. This opened a beautiful new chapter in Pam’s life that saw her working through her own life issues via psychotherapy in order to assist others.

From her early twenties, she felt there was more to life than our everyday senses and read broadly from many spiritual traditions and perspectives. She began a deeper exploration of life when her ten-year administrative job ended in redundancy and her personal relationship ended. Asking, who am I? Why am I here? What is my ultimate potential? Can I find work in a field that brings me personal joy? Can I live a life that is more loving and what does that mean? Is there a teacher out there who can assist me?

Her teacher arrived; a gifted psychotherapist who assists others to find their inner light. Pam started to examine the operating patterns of her life and began to answer her own life questions. The journey was as challenging as it was rewarding. Being introduced to The Levels of Consciousness was a moment of revelation. One of those ‘aha’ moments. She knew there was no going back to the old ways of being from that point on. It made so much sense. All the feelings that we know universally, sat there before her. ‘You mean there is a choice about feeling the lower emotions – anger, guilt, grief, despair, apathy, jealousy etc? Really?’ Her world was reshaped.

Through her own journey in psychotherapy she started to work with her negative beliefs. These included beliefs about not being able to change her diet or lose weight (she is now 14k lighter and has slowly transitioned to a whole food diet, free of refined sugar and processed foods). Pam believed that she was not fit enough, strong enough or disciplined enough, to go hiking or do yoga. (She has now completed two challenging and remote hikes in Tasmania and has been a committed and consistent yogi for five years). She also challenged her beliefs about changing course in life. (Now fifty-five, she runs her own successful business and has completed seven courses in the modalities she offers) The changes ran deeper than that. An optimism and engagement with life started to be felt that had not been experienced since childhood.

Pam knows that life is only limited by our beliefs about what is possible.

The knowledge and skills gained within these personal life experiences are now being gifted to her clients through all her modalities on offer. She assists others from a personal understanding of what is possible. Helping others make positive changes is one of her great passions. As well as seeing clients, Pam also offers workshops in Indian Head Massage (up to practitioner level if required) and runs meditation evenings that incorporate the opportunity for personal reflection/growth and spiritual enquiry.

When she is not seeing clients, she can be found playing in the garden, riding her bike, doing yoga, meditating (an ancient Chinese method called Qi Gong), connecting with friends, bush walking, cooking healthy food, dreaming up her next adventure, or just gazing at the clouds! She is committed to her own wellness and seeks to maintain this by the practices listed above as well as investing in courses in self-development and spiritual inquiry. She is a life-long learner.

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About Pam Allen

Qualifications and professional memberships

  • Reflexology Diploma
  • Certified Hypnotherapist (with American Board of Hypnotherapy)
  • Diploma of Counselling – Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
  • Diploma of Soul Focused Psychotherapy – College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy
  • Reiki Master
  • Diploma in Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Grad Dip. Ed., Bach. of Arts.
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