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Life is only limited by our beliefs about what is possible.

Do you regularly feel tense, angry, sad, anxious or disappointed? Do you have limiting beliefs about your life potential and your ability to create a positive experience of life? What would you ache to do if only you had the courage, money, opportunity, time, support or energy? Do you seek a career change, new love, a geographical shift, or better relationships with people? Your experience of life is greatly influenced by how you choose to see it and what you expect to happen. Book a session with Pam Allen today and move towards a more empowered experience of life.

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Stress & Anxiety

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We have an innate drive to ‘get’ in life and it starts very early. We see what others have and want an experience of that…
Stress & Anxiety

Pain versus Suffering, Part 2

So, my ribs are broken in five places, one spinous process is chipped and my collarbone is broken in 7 places.  Good job! In my…

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